At Bin Tayyab, we draw our inspirations from the diverse global arena and pack it under one roof, to share the fact that class is universal. We constantly strive to challenge the limitations of all the possibilities when it comes to sourcing quality products. We structure our collections like an artist treats his canvas; with the love, respect, and dedication that it deserves. Here at Bin Tayyab, we understand that style and durability are a vital part of your lives so we strive to bring them to your doorstep in the easiest possible way. Bin Tayyab's motto has always been to provide excellent quality and service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a diverse e-commerce mega store that can offer superior design, quality, and value to the customer. We will accomplish this by being committed to offering great service and real value to our customers. We will provide a pleasant, fair, and diverse selection, allowing our customers to experience constant improvements in their lifestyles.

Our Vision

We envision that Bin Tayyab will change the way society connects with the e-commerce industry. We will help thrive the industry by providing products that are ethically and responsibly sourced. We believe that we can bring fun into this industry through a subtle mix of quality and affordability.

Our Core Values

Respect – Respect for yourself, others, and the planet.
Courage – Courage to rebel against a toxic industry.
Quality – Quality in manufacturing, products, and customer care.
Transparency – Transparency in product sourcing and product quality.
Passion – Passion for quality products that create a better lifestyle for both the curator and the customer.
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